Friday, February 09, 2007

MARK RACOP, 1966 Batmobile Replica Car Maker : Part 1

Wow! This is the BAT-BLOG's very 1st Interview! This page will be a new feature of the BAT-BLOG. For our 1st Bat-Interview we asked 1966 Batmobile Replica Car Maker Mark Racop to participate & he was very gracious to accept, Thanks Mark! Mark Racop owns a company in Logansport, Indiana called FIBERGLASS FREAKS! The small group of artists ( Yes, I said Artists! ) make incredible replica cars of the original 1966 Batmobile like Adam West & Burt Ward had in the classic 1960's TV Series. The attention to detail is insane!
This is the 1st part of the long interview with Mark. Because of space limitations we have had to break it down into 4 smaller parts but keep readin', you'll get the idea!

OK Mark, First off, Thank You very much for being our 1st victim! We really really love your '66 Batmobile Replica Cars & are very excited to start askin' you some questions! We posted a thread at our Bat-Blog Message Board about this interview & asked the readers to come up with a few questions of their own about what they would like to ask you. Here are a few things they wondered about.

Bat-Blog : How many hours does it take to complete one?
Racop: Over 1,00 hours of labor go into each car, spread over 6 months.

Bat-Blog : Have you ever been tempted to make it a different color?
Racop : We joked about an all-chrome Batmobile once, or alternating the striping and black colors, but we've never followed through on our threats!

Bat-Blog : Have windshield wipers been designed for this car yet?
Racop : There are no wipers available due to the compound curve of the front windshield.

Bat-Blog : What do owners do when it rains? Because there's no roof!
Racop : If it is a light rain, usually the water will pass right over the cockpit, but if it is a heavy rain, it's best to park the car in a carwash, or better yet--don't get it out if rain is in the forecast! Poor Chris Woodside goes down in history as the first Batmobile replica owner to have an accident. Why? He was in a hurry to get home because of rain!

Bat-Blog : Do any famous celebs own one? Does Adam West own one? Who buys them?
Racop : Russ Martin, a famous DJ in Texas, owns two Batmobiles. I've heard rumors that Burt Reynolds and David Copperfield both want the original car, but turned down replicas. Millionaires, museum owners, casino owners, and promotions companies are the usual buyers. Some buy them for promotions, but others just want a cool car with which to pick up their kids from school! ( Bat-Blog is thinking, "Must be rough! ha ha!!" ).

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