Thursday, November 15, 2007

AL BIGLEY INTERVIEW, Batman Illustrator, Part 6

All of us here at the Bat-Blog want to thank Al Bigley for bring such a great guest! We know our readers are gonna love this inside information & all the wonderful illustrations. We hope many of you check out his website & if you're a company looking to hire somebody this guy has a lot of talent! A trademark thing we do here at the Bat-Blog Interviews page is make some Desktop Wallpapers that are sort of related to the interview we just did so here are 2 to enjoy! The 1st one uses some of Al's incredible clip-art that I'm sure many of you have seen on Batman-related products. It's my favorite. I love the clean sharp lines & the bright-red looks cool too. The 2nd one is a montage of some of the many Kenner Batman: The Animated Series Action Figures that showcase his artwork. With many readers of this page also being toy collectors this will probably be the most downloaded of all.

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