Thursday, November 15, 2007

AL BIGLEY INTERVIEW, Batman Illustrator, Part 4

Bat-Blog: OK, now...What's the deal with these wonderful illustrations you did that have a Christmas theme?

Bigley: Those are all done for super fan, Tim Chandler! Tim collects original comic art, most featuring his favorite character, Poison Ivy, and we team up every year to come up with a theme that involves the Bat-characters! Kinda tough, but somehow we pull it off every year! The idea is to work with what the viewer sees first, then, once the card is unfolded, they get the whole picture!
I also convert some of these into cards I send to those in the biz every Christmas season...

Bat-Blog: Oh yeah, we think these are all really great! The one with Batman in Santa's sled with Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, & The Joker is my personal favorite! It's an awesome graphic for a Christmas card but I think it would make a great Christmas ornament too!

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Blogger Harvey Dent said...

you should seel christmas card of Batman and the rest.

12:32 AM  

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