Thursday, November 15, 2007

AL BIGLEY INTERVIEW, Batman Illustrator, Part 2

Bat-Blog: I noticed you did the artwork for the Batman Trading Cards box. Did you do any of the art for the cards themselves?

Bigley: I did lots of work for the BAS style guides. These are big books of images that merchandisers can use on whatever product they're producing. Towels, shirts, cards, clothes, curtains, you name it. The images are already drawn, approved, sometimes colored.
The image on the card box came from my style guide artwork for DC! One of my favorites of all the images I did for them! I've been really surprised by some of that work. I've seen that same Batman figure used on a popsicle wrapper, beach towel, and one image from the guide ended up being made into a 3-D kid's night-light! You never know!

Bat-Blog: We love your McDonald's Happy Meal boxes for the Batman Animated Series. Did you do all four of them? Also, did you do any of the other art for this Happy Meal assignment?

Bigley: No. I can't recall who the other artist was, although I think it was Ty Templeton! I did two of them, and they were a blast! Talk about getting your work out into the general public!

Bat-Blog: Yeah, McDonalds is HUGE! Did you do any of the other art for this Happy Meal assignment?

Bigley: No, just the boxes. When I talk to kids in school about my career, they get so excited when they see the boxes! Did you know that McDonald's no longer makes them? The meals are all bagged now, I think.

Bat-Blog: Now, about your published work. At your website we saw a picture of the Batman Golden Book with The Joker titled "The Case of The Sticky Fingers". What was that like & have you done art for any more of those?

Bigley: That was for that first kid's storybook I mentioned. When Joe Orlando initially called. I also did a Catwoman book in the same series. They were great fun, as DC was just looking for them to feature "regular Batman," as opposed to the movie versions, the cartoon versions, etc...

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