Thursday, November 15, 2007

AL BIGLEY INTERVIEW, Batman Illustrator, Part 3

Bat-Blog: OK Now, on to the packaging design for the Batman Animated Series action figures by Kenner Toys. How did this come about & what was your favorite part of the process?

Bigley: Since I was already doing Special Projects work, they thought to have me try out on doing work for that series. I ended up doing tons of art for the BAS style guides, toys, shirts, etc.
The toy action figure art was especially fun!

Bat-Blog: We noticed the drawings are pretty accurate to the figures. Did they have them made already & if so, did they send you "prototypes" or the actual toys?

Bigley: I got to use the toy prototypes to draw from, as well as a general rough sketch from Kenner. I had to put the character "on model," and also give him or her an exciting action pose, and show off any weapons or accessories they came with.
Of course, I had to send the prototypes back. My toy collector pals were excited to hear which characters were finally getting made, since I had to prepare art months in advance of the figure hitting the store shelves!

Bat-Blog: That's cool. I really love these & have all of them in my personal collection.

Bigley: I have a few, also! Keep in mind, these were all produced in the days before DC DIRECT and such, so this would have been the only action figure appearance then of characters such as Harley Quinn, Creeper, Mad Hatter, etc...

Bat-Blog: Yes, we loved that they did those really obscure characters too. The Batman Animated series is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest cartoons ever made...period. If you watch them today they still hold up really well & I'm sure they will be Super Classics in the far future.

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